The Importance of Proper Airway Function

From birth until well into adulthood, your airway is an important gateway into your overall health. During infancy, the development of the airway can be influenced by the use of bottles and pacifiers, as well as finger or thumb-sucking and lip-tucking. Other factors include muscle habits such as mouth-breathing and reverse swallowing, which can concretely and negatively impact the formation of the airway in the future. When not addressed, these factors can lead to chronic sleep breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea, as well a host of other complications.

I’m especially passionate about helping patients, especially children, establish healthy airway function as well as exceptional oral health because of my own experience. Two of my children struggled with various manifestations of improper airway development throughout most of their childhoods. One had trouble eating properly and therefore wasn’t growing or sleeping the way he should have been. Another experienced extreme rambunctiousness as well as trouble sleeping and bed-wetting (until the age of six). I designed Myobrace® trainers and aligners for both, and since using them, both of my children have been getting quality sleep and nutrition, and have begun to excel academically as a result.

Improving airway formation and function significantly increased my children’s quality of life and decreased their risks of learning disabilities. It has also reduced their chances of developing sleep apnea later in life, and our goal is to help children and patients of all ages enjoy the same benefits. To learn how we can help, schedule a visit with us by calling Urbandale Sleep Solutions in Urbandale, IA, today at 515-278-4366.


Sleep Test

Treating sleep apnea may not require an uncomfortable overnight stay in a sleep lab. We can now send you home with a special device to monitor your natural sleep cycle, letting the doctor know if you may be a candidate for OSA treatment.

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